Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart Review: Read Before You Purchase

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One of the best golf push carts:

The Bag Boy Quad XL is a remarkable clicgear push cart, being one of the best golf push carts latest additions sold in the category of manual golf transportation. During use, they allow the user to quickly unfold the device and move it across a course with ease. Unlike some of the other similar products that have been sold by the company, the Bag Boy XL Quad has a storage area for holding miscellaneous items and sports gear that must be carried when navigating the gold course.

best golf push carts

When compared to some of the other four wheeled push carts that are popular with golfers, the Quad appears large in size when it is folded. Although the cart is somewhat average in dimensions when the length and width are evaluated next to most brands, it remains fairly high in height as well. The wheelbase is on the short side, having a high center mass that makes the cart liable to become unstable when being pushed on terrain with steep inclines. However, the wheels on the XL Quad are larger than many in it’s class, giving the operator better control when passing through areas with thicker ground. On first impressions, this product may seem commonplace in it’s appearance, especially when viewed at a first glance. Yet when used over a short period of time, will come to be appreciated after consecutive activity with the cart.


Size is a Factor

One of the more less talked about features in push carts is their level of simplicity to move them around when preparing for a drive to a golf course. The Quad weighs in at about 16.05 pounds in total. Under this specification, it goes into average weights of best golf push carts that have been evaluated alongside this product. Some of the heaviest carts are gauged at 20 pounds while the lighter variety tends to go as low as 10 pounds. As stated, the dimensions of the product is quite compact. Potential buys should keep in mind that there are indeed smaller carts, so for those with small vehicles that have limited room for storing items in a trunk, the Quad could lead to additional hassle attempting to keep it clean so that it will fit inside without over stuffing.

Setting up the Product


Bag boy is famous for producing best golf push carts accessories and carriages that are fast to mount up and move. The Quad is no exception. The manual that is included with the box lists five simple steps to do this. The first is to unfasten the handle of the push cart. After this, the handle is moved out and re-locked into the extended position. A gentle pull with the handle unfolds everything. The bag holder helps to reinforce it all to give the item it’s form. For more security, a Velcro strap will also ensure that all components keep the cart stable and supported around it’s center.

The Quad XL was specifically designed to make trips around courses faster and smoother. The wheels rotate around and absorb a lot of the shock that may come from pushing in bumpy conditions. The handles can be adjusted as well, adding comfort during the entirety of the “ride.” It should perform well for those of short or tall heights. When traversing on steeper points, such as declines and inclines, the wheelbase area may give the illusion of easily tipping over, even during a slight turn in such places.

On the left hand side of the push cart is a brake lever, specifically next to the push handle. In order to free the brakes it must be pulled back. To accelerate, it is pushed in the opposite direction. Speaking of brakes, it functions much in the same manner as automatic carts that are produced by Bag Boy. Twelve gear notches are located around the back portion of the wheels. It is the pin that is placed into the closest groove to slow down the wheel’s movements, allowing it to reduce speed at the user’s demand. Some push cart models feature brakes that are oftentimes annoying, necessitating the need to bring the piece to a forward movement or slowly backward so that the gear can be positioned better. This is to insert the pin back into the brake. However, the Quad XL does away with this trouble. Additional notches make it painless to activate breaks at any moment.

As for the tires, they are made of an extremely and solid foam material. There is no risk associated with fast movements in uneven ground travel. The handle again helps by pivoting high or low to suit the user’s height and size. This technique is colloquially referred to by the company as an unlimited regulation. When viewed in depth, it appears to be restricted in the number of gear teeth that it is able to attach itself on. There are a high number of gears for it to lock on which should be acceptable by most users. The description is accurate but somewhat exaggerated.

Storing the Cart

Bay Boy often has useful accessories that are sold with their products. Some of those included with the Quad XL are more obvious than others. The tray is a little small and will probably not receive much use due to the small size of it. There is a big storage space with zippers located under the push handle. The pouch is just the right size to store about eight or nine golf balls. They are taken out either by unfastening the zippers, which are found starting from the left of the pouch and underneath the area of the push handle. The Velcro strap holds in place the umbrella mount, a large space near on the inside of the bigger pouch.

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One feature that could be improved is the storage pouch placement. Being located under the handle makes it a chore to look into the inside of the pocket. If very small items are placed inside of it, finding them could end up being exceptionally difficult and time consuming. There is a solid clip bonded to the lid of the tray. It is made to grip down writing utensils and small paper. Brackets positioned on the bottom of the push handle will secure one golf ball.

The scheme of the Bay Boy Quad XL demands that the operator unscrew a small piece from the lower area of the holder to pass it through the mount. Afterwards, the nut is fastened to the holder for it to stay secured. Other products similar to this are easier in this regard, allowing a simple cart insertion into the inside using the same holder type. During periods of inclement weather this could prove to be very annoying, and result in hasty configurations to the push cart that may not be done correctly.

The small drink holder feature on the Quad XL will probably not find many uses either. Most best golf push carts average sized drinks will not be able to fit into it securely. This is why the big storage pouch is such a great addition, although the product is basically the same as other Bag Boys carts of the same category, particularly the automatic versions. Still, the Quad is a good product for golfers who like lots of storage space in best golf push carts that won’t break easily.

Key Features
  • Velcro locking straps
  • Durable and easy to move wheels
  • Foldable body
  • Unfolding is simple and quick
  • Has a Velcro locking strap for extra security
  • High quality wheels
  • The wheelbase raises the risk of the push cart falling over, especially in hilly areas
  • Has large dimensions when folded

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