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5 best exercise to enhance golf swing

 A good swing is the main part of the golf game. A golfer always purchase top-class clubs so that they can increase their drive distance. Most of the golfer doesn’t realize that clubs are not responsible for lower handicap. On the other hand, it’s their strength that improves their swing.  As like other sport golf also need strength and flexibility. To increase rotational motion you should improve the flexibility of your hips, feet, ankles, and spine.

Lateral Lunges

This particular exercise can develop the range of motion, power, and strength of your hips.

You have to take big step in your left and similarly shift the weight on the same side. You have extended your right leg and bent your left leg. You have to keep your toes straight ahead. You have to perform at least 10 repetitions.

Standing wood chop

This is the best golf exercise to merge the movement of your shoulder, back, and hips. This workout increases flexibility and strength. You can easily do this by cable. You can also perform this through medical ball. According to golf swing analyzer standing wood, the chop is a great exercise for golf.

  1. Setting the resistance band in your left foot.
  2. You have to bend your knees and pull the band to the right.
  3. You have t6o perform a minimum of 10 repetitions after 30-second rest switch the sides and repeat 3 times.

Front and side plank

 This exercise helps to increase the strength and stability of your also active core muscles. Golf gym workout is important for every golfer according to the golf swing analyzer.

golf swing analyzer

You have to lying down on the floor in a face-down position. Push the toes and put the shoulder in back and tuck away from the ground. You have to engage belly muscles and make your back flat. You have to hold it for 30 seconds and repeat it more than 3 times on each side. You have to more emphasis on your forearm and elbow. Make your body straight and left your hips.

Glute Activation lunges

Glute lunges can easily improve your hips mobility and you will get better strength and great swing. Golf swing  analyzer always mention about this exercise.

You have put your put hands in your hips and place your feet together. Take large steps towards and the same time bend your leg. You have to straight remain strong your back leg. You should repeat it at least 12 times.

Supine spinal twists

This is the best way to increase strength and for greater torso mobility. It also good ways for shoulders stretch. You have to lying down to the floor. You just keep knees together and slowly put your leg to the right side.

Regularity is the key to physical conditioning. If you want a perfect swing you have to maintain those exercises consistently. Best golf exercise plays a great role in golf fitness.

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