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Best Golf Carry Bag Reviews 2021: Find The Best Product For Your Next Game

Best Golf Bag Reviewed!

This article, we reviewed top best golf bag for you. Let’s see the list:

  • PING 2018 Hoofer Lite Carry Stand Golf Bag –
  • Cobra Golf 2018 Ultralight Cart Bag
  • Cleveland Golf CG Stand Bag –
  • Callaway Golf 2018 Org 14 Cart Bag –
  • Taylor Made Flextech Stand Bag
  • Sun Mountain 2018 C-130 Golf Cart Bag –
  • Wilson 2018 NFL Carry Golf Bag
  • Ranger Carry Sunday Range Travel Bag by CaddyDaddy Golf –
  • Clicgear Rovic RV1S Swivel Golf Push Cart Review
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PING 2018 Hoofer Lite Carry Stand Golf Bag-

Golf bags can sometimes be hard to find in a style that prevents them from shifting around your items while you tow it in a cart or shoulder across the field. The Ping 2018 Hoofer Lite Carry Stand has several factors that make it a great buy for anyone that needs a sturdy bag yet light enough to where you won’t be exhausted by the time you get to your hole. Let’s look into what makes it unique and things that could see an improvement in later editions.

Golf Carry Bag
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At First, the goods. When it arrives at your door and you inspect it, you’ll notice when viewing the bag that it’s light yet very stiff on all sides. The Polypropylene frame is located in the second layer underneath the fabric exterior. The main pockets on the lower part are wide, so taking auxiliary accessories such as towels and extra balls will go in with no issues, though some might be displeased that no slots are featured near the top. And the towels will definitely go in with the rest of your gear since there’s little room on the outside to hang them. No hooks are attached to the top of the bag.

If you love wild colors, the product offers multiple choices in different hues. Your clothing will certainly find a match among the eight options available. Ping took great care to create contrasts that will help you find what piece is yours, a great addition if you tend to golf with lots of people carrying numerous equipment. There are six different slots for your clubs and are built to keep them straight when placed around the shoulders. And they won’t give out on you or cause any sweating, even in hot conditions; the pads are breathable and create a constant airflow to minimize odor and moisture.

However, there is Space for improvement. In rainy conditions where the ground is soggy, the legs may sink slightly into the ground when placed on soil. And you should definitely be careful about where you set up, as they could topple over almost as easy as using the base alone. Furthermore, Ping would do well to build their next lineup with zipper handles that are solid instead of strings, which could tear apart or come loose over a short .

Overall, the 2018 Hoofer Lite is recommended for anyone that dislikes the balancing act required on some golf bags that don’t feature kickstands or legs. If you handle it with care, the legs should hold up for a long time. It’s not the lightest you may have come across but does offer a little bit of everything that even the best golf bag would feature.


  • The upper portion of the bag is completely reinforced and keeps the clubs from brushing against one another
  • There are eight different styles to choose from, each with their own unique look and color combinations
  • Contains enough room in the main pocket to fit additional items if need be
  • The shoulder pads prevent moisture from developing around the areas that are covered by the straps


  • The lower portion of the legs may dig into the soil, especially on wet or moist ground
  • Pockets on the rear may not be large enough to store extra items without placing them in another bag (or the main pocket)
  • The legs tend to become unstable when placed on uneven ground and will fall down from the slightest brush
  • Zipper ends are made with strings instead of solid pieces which could break if handled roughly

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Cobra Golf 2018 Ultralight Cart Bag

The Cobra Golf 2018 Ultralight Bag, as its name suggests, weighs only five pounds and has a polyester exterior. There are no legs so you won’t need to place it in an inclined position when stationary; just prop it upright and it will stand still on its own. You can pick from six different styles yet each of them maintain the same structure and number of pockets.

lightweight golf bag
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Speaking of pockets, some rudimentary golf bags will have them only at the bottom and nowhere else other than the cooling compartment. This product counts twelve total, so you’ll likely never run out of room to contain your belongings when out and about on the course. A really nice characteristic is the higher compartments which are close enough for you to grab things when on foot when it’s slung around your shoulders. The club dividers number 14 in total and go down completely to the bottom. Your tube inserts shouldn’t bundle together and are easy to pull out when you remove the cover.

When you lift the golf bag, you’ll notice how the shoulder pads spread out the weight evenly across the upper and central portions of your abdomen and back. No strain will happen, even when it’s filled to the brim. And there’s also small hooks on the right side and a convenient umbrella holder next to the cooler pocket.

It goes without saying that the cooler pocket could be better designed. Many new golf accessories have begun to do away with the older method of tilting to dump excessive liquid out. You’ll have to keep the trend going with this 2018 edition. While there’s ample room for your drinks and convenient padding along the walls of the pocket to keep everything from heating up too quickly, melted ice will collect at the bottom and must be turned to dispense. This means you may have to remove your clubs and other gear just to pick it up from the foot.

In any case, the Cobra 2018 Ultralight is the best golf bag for people that tend to fumble around with the pockets while moving about on the green. If you usually leave your things in the pushcart instead, be sure to measure the length of the storage area at it’s widest points to ensure the bag will fit inside without forcing it in. If so, you may end up breaking this one out before anything else, especially if you’re a hoarder.


  • Storage pockets are different in size, of which a large number of items could fit in, both big and small
  • The storage space for putter can fit additional room for wedge
  • There are 14 club dividers in total
  • The shoulder strap is foam padded, suitable for long distance walking
  • Will stand up on its own when packed as normal without toppling over


  • In order to empty melted ice from the cooler pocket, the entire bag must be turned upside down so the water can escape
  • May not fit on small push carts easily

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Cleveland Golf CG Stand Bag

The Cleveland Golf CG Stand is another lightweight golf bag with a large embroidery of the company’s logo on the right side. There are a large number of layered pockets, each with solid zipper handles that have fabric strings. If one of the strings breaks off, just use the hard piece instead.

Stand Golf Bag
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A golf carry bag that has large straps can often get in the way when lifting. Uneven dispersal can lead to the ends scratching against your neck and cutting into the center area of the back. This piece prevents it by having a structure that’s ergonomic, meaning that it will encourage you to maintain your posture when being hauled around. The centerpiece pulls your upper back upright, restricting your spine from hunching over during walking. There’s no need to worry about too much stiffness, however. The straps are flexible enough for you to reach around to the cooling pocket quickly without causing pain.

If you like deep pockets, this golf carry bag can take every piece of gear with you during the trip. Just make sure you pack well to avoid losing anything. You’ll want to place your smallest things over the lowest part that’s closest to the ground. The main compartment is large enough for 14 clubs as well, but their structure is something you should take note of. There are heavy duty legs situated on the back that have strong rubber feet. They won’t dislocate and support the bag well, being that there are no joints along the middle to bend anything and make it fall. It’s great in moderately windy conditions for this reason alone.

The dividers don’t extend all the way to the bottom. If you’re searching for something that leaves no room for jamming to occur, you might feel uneasy about this bag. It’s not something that will happen every time you take it out on the field but the odds are still higher than a bag with dividers that have been sealed off completely. And as reported earlier with the zippers, the little strings may come off and will create more of a burden when you’re in a rush to get things out of the pockets.

Regardless, the Cleveland Golf CG Stand Bag is solid in performance when you’re moving in between holes. You’ll appreciate how well the rain cover is made, keeping your clubs dry and free from odor. Although the colors featured may not be exactly the same brightness as what’s displayed on their photos, they still look well and won’t fade out when placed in the sun.


  • The rain cover is well built and keeps the bag completely dry during inclement weather
  • The dual harness allows for even weight distribution when carrying
  • Item pockets are deep and easy to grab while walking
  • Up to nine canned beverages can fit in the cooling pocket


  • The dividers do not extend to the lower part of the bag, which could cause the grips to make the clubs stuck
  • Strings on the zippers are very easy to break, even with little force
  • The colors are slightly lighter than they appear on images
  • The rain cover is solid black and does not vary in color, no matter what style bag is chosen

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Callaway Golf 2018 Org 14 Cart Bag –

 At 5.8 pounds, the Callaway Golf Org 14 is a blink into the future of where golf bags are going, at least feature-wise. There are loads of minor but innovative pieces that you should know about with the company’s latest edition, some more obvious than others.

best golf travel bag
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Have you ever had a bag with a zipper opening for the pockets? Nearly everyone has. Sometimes the zippers become stuck, making it impossible to open or close unless you pry off the fabric lining that’s jammed in with the teeth. Doing this can damage the bag and rip the lining, which will grow larger over time. This bag has two pockets with a powerful magnetic lining. They’re placed on the first row close to the top. This is a great holding area for passports, ID’s, or any other valuables you don’t need during play but must carry around. A small pocketbook or purse could also go inside, making this fit into the category of women’s golf bags. The rain cover prevents it from becoming wet but there’s enough padding around to protect it all if you don’t plan on using it too often. Callaway Golf 2018

Another neat addition is the drink pocket. No more turning your bag over to dispense water. Just open it up from the bottom and let the contents pour out on their own. 14 dividers are available, full length with no gaps at the ends. Your entire club set can now travel with you, incorporating enough space for each piece to stay inside without moving around. In short, the Org 14 is not only great for all golfers but highly regarded as one of the best womens golf bags sold online this year.


  • The drink pocket drains out from the bottom; no tilting necessary
  • Magnetic pockets are on the front pouches, powerful enough to keep everything in place without coming open


  • There are no ring located anywhere on the bag, increasing the annoyance of not having adequate space for the accessories most used
  • Although hooks are available, items might slide off in the middle of transport

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Taylor Made Flextech Stand Bag

For a golf bag, the Taylor Made Flextech is very rugged. Not to be taken out of context, the build is smooth and attractive like any other high-quality bag but has a state-of-the-art strap system that’s great for golfers that don’t have access to a cart or simply enjoy hiking it out on the green.

Stand golf Bag
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If a bag’s dimensions are an important selling point to you, this model is gauged at 36 x 12 x 14 inches and approximately five pounds when completely empty. This is great for both walkers and drivers, so even if you’re cart is being used by acquaintances, it’s possible to make it fit snugly and have plenty of room to spare for storage until you reach your next hole. The dividers, capable of holding five to six clubs, extend to the base of the bag.

Even if you attempted to bundle up your accessories to test how good it keeps them allocated to their desired position, no movement should occur, even when handled roughly. The padding should also be mentioned, it’s light yet covers over most of the important areas. If you don’t like using a rain cover, this bag is highly advised since the pad layer provides adequate protection from moisture but tends to dry out when it does get slightly wet. In any case, there’s still a covering if you prefer to take the dry route.

There are many well-built features to this Taylor Made bag but, like all products, is far from perfect. The biggest complaint will be the cooling pocket. These are mostly hit or miss, depending on the manufacturer and bag size. Yet most standard-sized golf luggage has deep compartments to store beverages that are meant to be kept cold and free from rapid temperature change.

This bag’s drink holder only has enough room to store two drinks at best and one ordinary sized can/bottle at worst. If you’re the type of golfer that loves to kick back when out on the field, keep this in mind before you purchase the Flextech, or you’ll probably be hauling a separate cooler with you to keep things going as planned.

Nevertheless, if you like your golf cart bags built tough and anticipate playing multiple rounds throughout the day, this latest Taylor Made bag will be the right choice for you. There are no legs on the back, so you must station it from the feet to keep it at rest while on the field.


  • The dimensions make it double as the perfect cart bag
  • Lightweight design ideal for long walks or easy storage on any sized push cart
  • Clubs will not bunch together when placed in the dividers
  • Straps are very tough, built with layers of padding that won’t tear or cause tension in the shoulders


  • The cooling pocket can fit only two drinks, isn’t completely closed off, and may warm drinks quicker than other golf bags
  • Legs may bend when force is applied and may break when the bag is over capacity
  • Has only five openings on the top (may not be suitable for golfers that carry many clubs)

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Sun Mountain 2018 C-130 Golf Cart Bag-

The best golf travel bag will oftentimes have a minimalist approach to the makeup and appearance. This is to make things easier when traveling by road en-route to your course, or for easier long-distance transport in the air. The Sun Mountain 2018 C-130 is a great way to take all your belongings with you on a vacation, whereby they can accompany your adventure to the field when the mood for a quick round arises.

best golf bag
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Although it’s a little heavier than some of the bags reviewed so far (ten pounds), it makes up for it with the heavy duty feet at the base. This is where a majority of the weight is situated anyway, strong enough to easily keep the bag at balance no matter how distorted your organization skills are. You can place your possessions inside the small pockets in any order of your liking and the feet won’t lean or topple over. It’s also excellent when playing in areas where there are slight inclines, surprisingly, since no legs or kickstand is featured.

As for the dividers, they lie somewhere in between being satisfactory and less than stellar. They are almost full length but have a very small gap at the end, measuring about 1/2 of an inch wide. Your clubs probably won’t jam, but the possibility is there if you tend to load up your bag to the max. Then comes the aforementioned travel aspect. If you do travel with them, this little hiccup could create bundling and require you to take everything out once you arrive at your destination.

In the end, Sun Mountain’s 2018 edition of the C-130 remains travel-friendly, and the zippered pockets are some the easiest to pack out of all the bags on this list. You will like how large the drink compartment is in particular, and the material is very dense. It’s a bag you’ll probably be using ten years down the line.


  • The bottom balances itself well on most surfaces, including grass and asphalt
  • The dividers are nearly full length and will keep clubs from becoming stuck in most instances
  • Has high quality zippers that are durable and move quickly without getting stuck or tearing off


  • The colors in the material may fade over a short timespan
  • No legs are featured on the bag
  • Dividers have a 1/2 inch gap at the bottom

Wilson 2018 NFL Carry Golf Bag

Football fans, get ready to be the envy of your golfing buddies. The Wilson 2018 Carry Golf Bag combines the image of the famed contact sport with the luxury of a top-shelf product that’s easy on the eyes yet a breeze to transport and move around while on the field.

 golf cart bags
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Whether you’re a Cowboys, Eagles, or Patriots admirer, every NFL team is represented. If none of those mentioned apply to you, simply pick your favorite franchise (there’s 32 teams/color choices available, one for every team) and wait for it to arrive.

The bag itself is also very well made, having two big sleeves near the feet. You could easily fit a towel or numerous balls/tees with more room to spare. And there’s an additional carry handle located on the front, placed in an area where other bags tend to have more pocket space. It’s convenient for when you’re lifting the bag out from the pushcart, or simply want to carry it around without the shoulder straps.

Although the shoulder straps themselves could be a little bit thicker, they’ll hold up well and won’t lead to any pain after you set it down. If you have a heavy load with you, the end near the rings might appear as if too much strain could potentially rip them off over time but should manage without causing any damage.

Hooks are bounty.In this regard, the bag almost resembles something used for military purposes, able to attach a plethora of items to either to top or center. Five sections divide up the main compartment, so if you would like to add more clubs, there could be problems getting them out quickly. Pack them carefully, starting with the smallest in the front, utilizing the largest compartments for those that won’t be applied too often, then placing the big clubs closest to the rear by the legs.

You may consider this the best golf bag just for having your team’s insignia embroidered on the exterior. Even without this attribute, it still would be a great product, especially for those who love to use hooks. It would make a great gift for any diehard football fan, and the craftsmanship of the material (polyester) guarantees that it grabs a lot of attention when out on the course.


  • Sold in 32 different color varieties to match every NFL team’s insignia (including logo)
  • An additional strap is included on the front to prevent awkward carrying when the shoulder straps aren’t being used
  • Numerous hooks location throughout the top and center areas


  • Compared to other golf bags, there are fewer pockets on the front, with none of them located near the top
  • The bag must be taken off to reach most pockets, with the exception of the drink holder
  • The kickstand is sometimes hard to get open

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Ranger Carry Sunday Range Travel Bag by CaddyDaddy Golf-

The Ranger Carry Sunday Range is the best golf travel bag on the list, hands down. Even being much smaller than what has been featured so far, there’s still enough room to fit up to eight golf clubs inside, making this the go-to bag for anyone that plans a domestic or international trip.

golf travel bags hard case

There’s lots of padding all around, so even if the bag takes a beating at the airport, your clubs will remain in pristine condition.

At 3.5 pounds the Ranger is also the most lightweight golf bag featured. You can place large clubs inside as well, so if there’s anything you want to take that’s 50 inches at most, it should fit right along with the seven others being packed. And don’t worry about the hostels sticking out on the smaller clubs; you can zip up the top to completely cover them.

The frame is shaped like a cylinder, covered with a dense polyester exterior that houses two large pockets on the sides. They’re big enough to fit small golfing items such as tees inside, but the majority of your belongings will probably be packed in separate luggage. You could even use the outer hooks to attach the bag to something larger or smaller, which would help greatly when you must navigate through the airport quickly.

Can this be used as a replacement for a conventional golf bag? The short answer is yes. Just keep in mind that it’s pretty small, so you’ll probably want to look at the products above if you don’t own a larger piece already. You could still take it along since the product would be well served for people that have trouble lugging around bulkier loads.

If you enjoy walking the entirety of a course, then the Ranger Carry Sunday Range cannot be recommended enough. Golf cart bags are sometimes at their best when fewer items need to be carried, and could also help you concentrate more on your game instead of how many accessories you have in your possession. For that alone, this bag could be convenient for any golfer.

Best Golf Carry Bag
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  • Can fit clubs that are up to 50 inches in height
  • The padded cover and cylinder around the shafts make the bag suitable for air travel
  • 3 pounds weight is easy to carry around, even when completely full
  • Up to eight clubs can fit into the surprisingly small dimensions
  • Since hooks are attached, extra luggage can be fastened around the bag


    • Must be organized well for everything to fit properly without small items becoming hard to find
  • The cover that goes around the clubs does not detach from the bag itself, making it awkward to take clubs in and out of the bag during golfing

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