Nike Continues To Push Great Golf Footwear

Best Golf Shoe Reviews 2021- Real Reviews

Nike Continues To Push Best Golf  Shoe With Lunar 2 Command

Nike Golf Lunar Command 2 Shoes review
Nike Continues To Push Great Golf Footwear
best Nike Golf Lunar Command 2 Shoes gry color
Nike Golf Lunar Command 2 Shoes review
Nike Continues To Push Great Golf Footwear
best Nike Golf Lunar Command 2 Shoes
best Nike Golf Lunar Command 2 Shoes gry
best Nike Golf Lunar Command 2 Shoes gry color
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Nike Golf Lunar Command 2 Best Golf Shoes review
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The Best Golf Shoe Reviews for you may not always be hard to find. Nike has proven yet again that their products are simple some of the best in the sport, hands down. The Lunar Command, from Nike, was introduced in 2015 and is available in lots of different sizes. The Lunar Command shoe retails between $79.95-$178.50 and comes with a water-resistant technology. It is certainly not a cheap golf shoe but  give great vale for the price.

This shoe features lots of innovate features in its build. In fact, Nike took much of the shoe’s attributes directly from NASA, the space program headed by the U.S. government. These top-of-the-line innovations are also stapled among other popular Nike sports shoes from football, running, basketball, and most importantly, golfing.

Upon first impressions, the Lunarlon and Flywire may not be immediately obvious as what they actually are and what the benefits they possess from using the materials in a golf shoe, particularly if you do not keep up with the ever-changing trends of sportswear.

Starting With The Lunarlon

Lunarlon was developed by studying the movements of astronauts as they moved on the surface of the moon, as it enables a spring like cushion for your feet. It is able to absorb shocks better and as a result prevents fast fatigue. It also spreads out the impact of walking evenly with your feet which means there is less pressure applied to a specific area of the shoe itself.

As a result, there is redoubled comfort, the kind that is very important in a Best Golf Shoe considering that you may be walking in them for a minimum of four hours. It additionally prevents wear and tears in high-pressure areas of the shoe, making them significantly more sturdy than a standard golf kick.

 Best Golf Shoe Lunar Command 2 Shoes gry color

Flywire is a concept that was taken from the material that was used in astronaut’s protective wear, most notably their space suits. It is lightweight but very strong. It can remove weight in the upper part of the shoe, allowing it to weigh less and maintain flexibility yet strong at the same time. It works in the same manner as cables that are draped on a suspension bridge.

The Lunar Command shoe also features a rubber outer sole that is about one inch thick at the heels of the shoe. The flex grooves give better traction control through your golf swings, even in the mud and rain. There are six spikes in the sole of the shoe that are can be replaced. Just be sure that your cleats are tightened before you play so that you will not lose any after your first round of trying them out.

A cleat wrench is not included with the shoes. These are sold separately yet can be obtained easy either online or at a brick and mortar store. For maximum performance, it is advised that you change the cleats at least two times a year, although you should keep an eye on them as some may wear down faster than others. If you leave them in your shoes over a long period of time it can become much more difficult to remove them and may require tools to pry them out.


The Nike Lunar Command 2 has tremendous comfort when first taken out of the box that only gets better as the shoes are broken in. The key to this ease of wear is Nike’s Lunarlon cushioning, as stated before. There are lots of shoes that will give you lots of padding, and others that provide a great grip on whatever surface they are placed on. The Lunar Command 2 hits a helps to grant you a sense of where you are standing (and how you are standing) when you work on your golfing technique. If you are searching for a woman’s Best Golf Shoe, this item can also be used for both men and women if needed.

Visual Appeal

By Nike’s standards, the Lunar Command 2 is a traditional looking shoe. The trademark symbol, while large, is mainly situated on the sides of the shoe, leaving the toe mostly clear. The Flywire technology helps for an interesting visual detail without being too provocative. Overall, the Lunar Command 2 is designed to be the everyday golf shoe that is worn daily or weekly. It is available in black or white with Boa or white, black/white, grey/volt, and black/orange.

How It Performs

If  The Best Golf Shoe is relaxed, efficiency comes down to two most important issues: traction and waterproofing. In the U.S, where the seasons can be unpredictable, the Lunar Command 2 has been thoroughly tested for all types of weather events and did exceptionally when under different outdoor settings.


You may feel compelled to tell others about how great this Nike Product is. If you have never owned a pair of Nike best golf shoes before, you will definitely be stuck on this brand. The first thing that will be noticed is how the shoe conforms perfectly across your entire foot. Most people are familiar with the situation of pulling their shoelaces tight and to have the top of the shoe choking your foot to a level that is uncomfortable to walk in. This is not an issue with the Lunar Command. Furthermore, you will not have to stress about the shoe becoming loose or untied during your golf rounds. When you’re walking through wet areas, not having to dry out soggy laces is a great relief.

The Nike Lunar Command 2 golf shoe is not only one of the best golf shoes sold on the market, it can be found at a great price, especially for a company that is known to produce some of the world’s most expensive footwear. This shoe has top shelf comfort in addition to being rated in nearly all aspects of its design in regards to how it encourages better performance. No golf shoe is perfect, however. Ever the best golf shoe will also take time to break in, yet this is a minor issue for this product. If you have yet to understand Boa technology on these shoes, you will never want to take them off on your first try when putting them on.

Key Features:

1. Design

  • Lunarlon Cushioning
  • Flywire Technology
  • Aggressive Outsole
  • CHAMP PiviX Golf Spikes with CHAMP SLIM-Lok System

2.Build Quality

  • Lightweight and strong design
  • Waterproof exterior on the outer portion of the shoe helps keep your feet dry
  • Thin, soft tongue provides comfort through the ankles

3.Lunarlon Cushioning

  • Soft, strong foam center within the interior foam carrier
  • Lightweight and soft cushioning
  • Has spring action for better leg movement
  • Significantly lighter than traditional foam
  • Evenly spreads pressure and reduces force on the foot

4. Flywire Technology

  • Reinforces the foot for support
  • Contouring, glove-like fit around the midfoot
  • Lightweight build with high stability
  • Gives a comfortable fit and great lateral support

5. Aggressive Outsole

  • Delivers great traction under lots of weather conditions
  • The Midfoot area is made from TPU and helps to maintain a relaxed and smooth stance


  • The flex grooves and spikes enable extraordinary traction and grip on the most slippery surfaces.
  • Microfiber leather of the upper part of the shoe is waterproof and assists in its comfortability
  • Provides good traction against the ground and helps to remain stable with golf swings.
  • Extremely lightweight shoe that is supportive even when having to walk for a long distance on a golf course.


  • Can be somewhat stiff when first worn yet will quickly contour to the shape of the wearer’s foot
  • More expensive than some of its competitors

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Size Chart

US Inches
6 – 9.44
6.5 – 9.80
7 – 9.80
7.5 – 10
8 – 10.23
8.5 – 10.43
9 – 10.62
9.5 – 10.82
10 – 11.02
10.5 – 11.22
11 – 11.41
11.5 – 11.61
12 – 11.81
13 – 12.20
14 – 12.59
15 – 12.99

The adidas Men’s ‘Adipower Boost’ The complete For Solid and durable Footwear

For those that desire a classic but trendy look to their golf wear, particularly shoes, the Adipower Boost model from Adidas is an excellent choice. Although it is very similar to some of the other shoes that the brand produces, these shoes are made with exceptional quality and durability. This is definitely not a cheap golf shoe in terms of looks. With these shoes, you will look and golf at your best. Furthermore, although they give the impression of being old style, they are available with lots of stylish colors to choose from.

adidas Spiked Shoe
Adidas Golf comfort Durable Footwear
Adidas Golf shoe comfort Durable Footwear
adidas Spiked Shoe
Adidas Golf Tour360 Boost
Adidas Golf Footwear
Adidas Golf comfort Durable Footwear
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The Best Golf Shoe, previously available in select stores in restricted quantities, introduces the Boost pad feature into the lineup. With Boost being such a popular quality in the shoes themselves, the golf category initially brought out the shoes with a unique padding at the beginning of 2016. They were so successful, the public demanded that Boost continue to be a feature on them.

That option led to a compromise in favor of the line, via the Adipower  Boost being the first model of other similar shoes from the company not to have a different toe and heel outsole. After trying out their effectiveness on the field, the records confirmed to the Adidas team that a full TPU outsole worked out far better in terms of functionality.

The result is a dual-density outer sole, with ten cleats and a set of CenTraXion nubs for extra traction, serving one piece of several layers that houses separate Boost padding for the end portions of the shoe. Another thin TPU piece on top of the Boost padding completes the compartment. The look is slightly odd at first, with a noticeable space in between the midsole area, and the outsole. The creators suggested what could be dubbed a bridge piece has flexibility which helps to improve the shoe’s performance by some a considerable percentage when tested on different obstacles.

Other Additions

The Adipower Boost additionally includes an S-curve form within the heel that is designed to match with the natural contours of the foot for improved fit and preventing the sort of dig that golf shoes will do once the heel form does not match with a player’s foot. On the inside, lining material helps regulate wetness and temperature. A two-piece tongue is meant to boost work and closure by adapting to the top portion of the feet.

The leather material introduces a nice visual for the shoe, with initial colors of red, white, and black harkening back to the shoe design. Five other colors are now available alongside the choice of a Boa closure system that represents a collaboration between the two brands for a great fit.

adidas Spiked Best Golf Shoe
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The Adipower Boost feels great when taken out of the box. There is no worry about breaking them in. They work well for people with wide feet, whereas not bulk or too pointy. This was a criticism that was made note of regarding other similar models from Adidas during the year these shoes were introduced. The styling is appealing while not being too gaudy.

On the course, the shoes handle the soft conditions well, not going into the soil too much, and making it an easy task to walk around the greens and tee boxes. once it came to the solid concrete walkways between the holes, the shoes slipped ever slightly going uphill. On flat and downhill walkways, the shoes perform well which may surprise you in places where you think you are prone to tripping. Despite the rain and inclement conditions, your feet will stay dry and feel great throughout the round.

As you get through your second loop around the course, the center your feet could tense up a bit. that is not distinctive to the shoe itself but is more likely to occur if you have an arch. However, there is a concern that the split Boost padding, even with the flexible TPU bridge, may induce this. The Boa enclosure system may well eliminate any possible issues there, but your feet will vary.

The Trend Continues

When it comes to golf shoes, not having to make a compromise is a must. The Adidas Adipower Boost represents a current trend in the overall quality of sports shoes. New footwear oftentimes must be tweaked little by little (by the company) in order for them to become a great fit for everyone. Regardless, Adidas has put together a well-performing shoe that advances the category.

What Is The Verdict?

One of the very best in its category, sales have been high for this shoe ever since they were first sold in the recent past. Its smooth to see why many golfers have become a fan of the Adipower footwear, and also Adidas will obviously keep the style going for some time into the distant future. The Adipower Boost comes accessible in a range of six one of a kind colors and also retails at an acceptable price tag in most regions. These are well worth a look at in case you are in need of an all-year-round top quality golfing shoe.

Key Features:

  • The Best Golf Shoe is the work of years of research from the shoe company Adidas.
  • Has powerful cushioning and durability from the BOOST foam on the midsole
  • High quality leather with climaproof technology that gives it a great look, relaxed feel, and long lasting wearability.
  • Revamped 360 Wrap that is lighter on the feet and a more maneuverable saddle.
  • High quality dual density promotion TPU on the outer sole with CenTraXion and ThinTech cleat bottoms that give better stance and grip to the ground.
  • The Torsion Tunnel provides better flexibility and operation around the heel and tips. It also helps to support the arches and eliminate feel fatigue.
  • The improved shape of the heel follow the natural shape of the feet for a better and more relaxed fit
  • Is available in several colors and a BOA closure


  • Traditional style golfing shoe
  • Durable leather build
  • Thick rubber sole for sold support and comfort
  • Multiple colors and designs available
  • Sleek and elegant look
  • 360Wrap conforms to your foot
  • Full-length boost foam midsole to help with cushioning
  • Thintech cleats in to help with traction while on the golf course


  • In some cases, the shoes could squeak
  • Leather could take a moment to become adjusted to
  • The tongue of the shoe is somewhat small on each side.
  • The heel of the shoe rises above average when compared to different models of fold shoes.

Size Chart:

Size Inches
6 – 9 1/4
6.5 – 9 7/16
7 – 9 5/8
7.5 – 9 3/4
8 – 9 15/16
8.5 – 10 1/8
9 – 10 1/4
9.5 – 10 7/16
10 – 10 9/16
10.5 – 10 3/4
11 – 10 15/16
11.5 – 11 1/8
12 – 11 1/4
13 – 11 9/16
14 – 11 7/8
15 – 12 3/16
16 – 12 1/2

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The Under Armour Diamond Tips Will Help You In Your Game

Designed using the latest technology and the materials, Under Armour Men’s Baseball Cleats are unique on having an integrated tongue that braces the foot, thereby giving great feel throughout the whole of the shoe. The UA Clutch technology used in the manufacture of the product bolsters ankle support with ankle wraps. Like other Best Golf Shoe, these Under Armour Men’s Cleats are made using durable synthetic leather.

cheap golf shoe
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The Deception is a pair of visually impressive cleats from Under Armour that has a high cut design. Their highlight is the cleats themselves, which are known as DiamondTips. They are molded and offer traction that is comparable to metal cleats.

The full-length midsole gives great balance in comfort and support. With added ankle support, these cleats feel like a protective glove that is wrapped in a way that is firm yet not too tight. The tongue offers better relaxation around the ankle.

They are available in an assortment of colors including black, red, blue, and white. Sizes available range from 7 to 16 in the US. They are extremely well made and will last for a long time. If you are looking for cleats with good performance as well as natural comfort and stability, then this is one of the best choices, not only for baseball players but golfers as well. The cleat has a stylish design and is sure to take you through consecutive games over an extended period of time.

The UA Deception DiamondTips Cleat And Its Features

The UA Deception is different from  Best Golf Shoe and baseball cleats. These shoes are full of major innovations that help bring solid performance from players at any level of play.

The Diamond Tips

The most obvious thing that separates the Deceptions from other cleats is the Diamond Tips, which combines the flexibility of rubber cleats with the cutting power and grip of metal. Each molded point has a rigid metal cutting surface embedded inside, extending outwards to form the end of the cleat.

When in use, these are wonderful to play in. Some metal cleats can be very hard and rough to play in (let alone golf) and feel uncomfortable to wear, assisting in fatigue around the ankles due to their lack of free movement. By embedding the metal tips within rubber mounts, the DiamondTips help to avoid this from happening.

The rubber mounts spread upon impact across a wide area of the foot bottom, giving lots of flexibility and power when pushing off, while still having enough cutting strength to maintain a grip on the ground. This is assisted by Under Armour’s Rotational Traction, which distributes the cleats in a rounded pattern around the heels. As a result, they work with the natural movements of the foot to provide more speed and agility to every movement.

The Foam Interior

This shoe also deploys many innovations in its interior foam to reduce weight as well as making the Deceptions easy to wear, even when playing extended rounds. The cushioning, which sits low to the ground, comes from Micro G foam, which is specifically designed to be small and lightweight while still adding significant pressure. With every step, the foam produces energy to the foot, creating lots of power that will help to push you forward.

There is also the 4D Foam insole. This molds easily to the shape and size of your foot, creating a hug that minimizes unwanted movements in the shoe. This adds extra stability as well as reducing friction and minor annoyances such as cracked nails and calluses.

Heel and ankle support comes from UA’s ClutchFit which molds itself around the foot to create an additional layer that is far superior to most interior grips. Additionally, a 3D-molded tongue hugs the top of the foot, as stated, and ensures a solid grasp around the upper portions of the shoe.

Key Features:

  1. Great Value
  • There are many different types of plastics and rubber materials, with odd degrees of quality, durability, and price. These shoes retail between $29.99-$141.73. At the lower spectrum of the market, you will be able to find shoes of this type at great prices. These are especially suited for golfers and baseball players.
  1. Sophisticated
  • Molded cleats can work on pretty much any surface with a decent amount of traction on offer. The higher quality cleats, such as the Under Armour Diamond Tips, have advanced grips that provide superior traction.
  1. Ease of Wear
  • The number of molded plastic cleats tend to be higher than metal cleats. The Under Armour Diamond Tips are unique since they have both metal and rubber on the grips. The Interior keeps the feet firm yet reduces the level of sweat. This product can also be substituted as a woman’s golf shoe
  1. Durability
  • These cleats can be worn on a wide range of surfaces yet and specifically tailored for golf and baseball wear.
  1. Safety Measures
  • Since Under Armour offers less traction than cheaper cleats in its category, there is less chance of injuries during fast changes in your stance when you move. Also, unlike some metal spikes, rubber/metal cleats do not pose a significant threat to others if used in sports other than golf.


  • Built with synthetic leather
  • Great durability
  • Comfortable feel on the soles
  • Strong ankle support
  • 3D molded tongue provides smoothness to the upper portion of the ankles


  • Sizes run small, care should be taken to ensure that the shoe size is accurate

Size Chart

US Men Inches
7 – 9 7/8
7.5 – 10
8 – 10 1/8
8.5 – 10 3/8
9 – 10 5/8
9.5 – 10 3/4
10 – 11
10.5 – 11 1/8
11 – 11 3/8
11.5 – 11 5/8
12 – 11 3/4
12.5 – 12
13 – 12 1/8
13.5 – 12 1/4
14 – 12 5/8
14.5 – 12 7/8
15 – 13
15.5 – 13 1/8
16 – 13 1/4

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