Rangefinder review

Bushnell Medalist Laser Rangefinder Review 2021

Rangefinder review : In some sense golfing and hunting is similar because in both section you must know about proper knowledge. Sometimes a winning match may lose for wrong distance estimation. In the same way a hunter can lose his target because of wrong distance. In this situation a better quality rangefinder is need for satisfactory performance in both hunt and golf. So Bushnell Medalist Rangefinder is best option for tournament.

Rangefinder review

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Key Features of Bushnell Medalist Laser Rangefinder:

We will describe about the major features description of Brushnell Medalist Rangefinder. We will not cover everything just important topics only.

Display: It has LED screen as a display. It shows all the results on screen after all calculation. This display excellently presents overall the things that collect through the machine.

Portability and movability: This device is very easy to carry and user friendly. A golfer can wear it on neck or can put in on golf cart. Its total weight is 9 ounce with battery which is very lightweight compare to others.

Battery: Bushnell Medalist laser Rangefinder uses very durable 9 volt batteries. This batteries are similar that used in radios and clocks. It is also available in market.

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Design: It is stunning in design and made with rubber grip that makes it more comfortable and less chance to drop.

 Magnification: Golfer always should prefer rangefinder that has 4X or more magnification. It has 4X magnification capability that is one of the best rangefinder in market.

Pinseeker Technology : Pin seeker is most latest technology that used in Bushnell medalist laser rangefinder. This particular technology assist to  measure exactly by minimizing thing that belongs the behind of the flag and concentrate only the flag.

 Accuracy: During the short games only 2-3  yards is big matter. It is very embarrassing when target missed by 2-3 yards. So in this situation accuracy is very crucial things.

Range: If you think about accurate measurement of long range  with reflector like five yards to one thousand yards than Bushnell Medalist is your right choice. It can measure altmost 250 yards with accurately because it’s pin seeker technology.


The Brushnell has four different modes.

  1. scan mode helps you to view long range and constantly measure targets.
  2. Another special mode is rain mode that allows you to measure targets during rain and snow.
  3. You can measure distance through reflector mode when reflective thing is targets.
  4. Pin seeker mode ensure extreme accuracy.

Fast: This device works very quickly. It takes few second to estimate the range when you fix the targets.

Laser Beams: Many people think that laser beams is harmful for our eyes that used by Brushneel Medalist. But nothing to worry it is totally eye  friendly. Normally beam is use to reach the target and tafter reacing than come back again.


  1. It is very easy to use.
  2. It’s accuracy level is -/+1 meters even it is long distance.
  3. it’s easily portable.
  4. Ensur extremly accurate measurement through pin seeker system.
  5. It is effecient in time of rain and snow.
  6. It’s compeletly weather resistant.
  7. Batteries price is reasonable and available.
  8. Fast processing time.


  1. Sometimes it’s difficult to measure long targets because low magnification.
  2. It is tough to hold long time.
  3. It’s casing is poor
  4. In some moment battery cover creates problem.

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