Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart Review

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Cheap clicgear golf cart is abundant in number. They can be found easy at sports outlets and are oftentimes the only feasible way to get golfing equipment around the course. Yet when automatic forms of transportation are not able to be used, they become a necessity when playing golf. The Clicgear 3.0+ Golf Push Cart is the newest addition to make movement on the course easier and less irritating, all at a friendly cost.

It has several fixes from the older 3.0 models, most notably a netting area for extra storage, cup holders that are larger, straps that hold up better, higher quality umbrella holder storage, and a lock braking mechanism that has been revamped. While not all features are entirely new with this latest push cart, the aspects that were considered room for improvement on the previous models were mostly followed to create a better, more refund, and durable. Clicgear golf cart is the best golf cart for those who have just begun to use manual travel around a course.

The Appearance 

The Clicgear 3.5+ has most qualities that golfers love to see in carts. The materials used to manufacture the product are top shelf. For example, the aluminum tubing is of the same quality that is used to build airplanes. The aluminum also allows it to weight significantly less than other items of the same build, even with it clocking in at 18 pounds in total weight. As it is folded, the 3.5+ consolidates into a small segment that travels just as easy as it drives. It will fit into almost any storage space imaginable, no matter it the vehicle is large or small. In addition to it’s exciting specs, it also houses some other key qualities that set it apart from the competition totally.
golf push cart reviews
A few attributes that will undoubtedly be noticed immediately upon using are the improved brakes, storage net, and center console areas. The brakes are utilized with a lever, which is pulled below the handle bar portion of the cart. This is to help it stay in place when placed in an area that has a steep drop down, helping it remain stationary to the surface. Golfers should take note that it must be released before the cart is pushed forward. This may take a short time to become accustomed to yet eliminates the unwanted headache from having all supplies topple over from falling down on it’s side while the product is not in use. The brakes can be damaged it pushing during activation occurs too many times.

The console portion of this Clicgear push cart is large in it’s size, having enough space to store lots of general items. It is made of a hardened plastic and closes around the lid flawlessly. The outer portion has space for about three tees, including a combined pencil holding area and scorecard that allows the user to jot down quick golf stats such as points and other vital golf information. A glance inside will reveal three holders for golf balls and lots of room for any small products that can be stored to prevent damaged from the sun, rain, or any other type of weather. When playing in the rain, no water will enter into the pocket. This is an ideal place to store the scorecard in the event that such occasions are likely to happen. The storage net is one of a kind. It can store event more items that are included, but are not limited to, GPS, scopes, smartphones, etc. However, care should be taken to not forget that it must be emptied prior to folding it up again. Failure to do so could damaged sensitive items and make it fall on the ground.

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Clicgear golf cart Setting Up

Surprising to some, there is no assembly necessary when the Clicgear golf cart is taken out of the box. There is an additional manual to assist in setting up everything and a listing of features available with the product. In total, there are six steps that should be remembered to get the push cart rolling. Regardless, the instructions should probably be kept alongside the user until they finally remember how to operate it from multiple uses. Much like the game it assists in helping, it may take practice to expertly operate everything, especially when unfolding it and consolidating it back into the fold.
clicgear golf cart review

To see the collapsing and unfurling of a Clicgear push cart is neat in appearance. Upon starting setup (after unboxing) the user may need to tinker with the front wheel arrangement, yet in the event that they find that the motion starts to float to one side or directly over the long run, there are modifications that can be made to balance out everything. Fortunately, most people have no issues with arrangement with their push carts, yet in the event that an operator does see that the truck is floating right or left, they can change the arrangement screw at the front wheel portion of the device. All that is required for this modification is a torque, level, and four prong screwdrivers.

Great in Functionality

The Clicgear golf cart does precisely what it should. It conveys the golfer’s sports equipment and clubs safely and easily. Moving this push cart couldn’t be less demanding. It surely has a noteworthy slowing mechanism that won’t send users running down an incline attempting to rescue it from running away. Many will be happy to find that the cords which secure the golf accessories to the cart were tough and exceedingly movable to fit an extensive variety of golf satchels. However, some people may see that bigger truck sacks are a superior fit for the Clicgear 3.5+ as opposed to slimmer stand packs.

Stands appear to turn over the span of a round and have a general less secure fit as some would like to think. It is important for all to understand that not all golf carts are made to be equivalent. Most standard size items will fit pleasantly in the 3.5+.The capacity of the 3.5+ into 23 inches by 15 inches by 13 inches solid shape when not being used is genuinely stunning. The vast majority, when first observing it, may feel that it was built too well. clicgear golf cart little impression makes stockpiling simple and transport effortless.

Key Features:

clicgear golf cart

  • Quick assembly
  • Visually pleasing
  • Lightweight when size is factored
  • Fits easy in many storage spaces
  • Plenty of space for lots of golf accessories
  • Design is small, compact, and light when carrying
  • Initial setup requires no preassembly
  • Incredible amounts of storage space
  • Not suitable for individuals with golf bag that are small in size

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