Clicgear Rovic RV1S Swivel Golf Push Cart Review

Clicgear has indeed increased current standards to another level with the 8.0 push cart, and this one is progressively picking up unmistakable quality in the market. The four-wheel framework is as inventive as it is clever, and it gives users a relentless base from which to work with. It’s a market pioneer in security, but then is light, streamlined and dynamic. The best golf push cart for lightning fast unfolding has been found.

Clicgear Rovic RV1S Swivel Golf Push Cart
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It has every one of the highlights a golfer could need, including an umbrella holder, glass holders, adequate capacity and a seat. Users will obviously be thrilled at how quickly and painlessly the whole cart folds. We were additionally stunned at how charmingly and effortlessly the entire thing folds up. Although the cost is a little more expensive than a portion of the other items, those who must follow a strict budget or financial plan would certainly like to give this cart a test drive. Since this is a venture which will impart numerous openings of golf to many for a considerable length of time to come, and with insignificant or no upkeep to worry about.

the Rovic RV1S, by Clicgear, holds a few smaller features than a portion of the  others, a couple of contrasts from the Rovic RV1C. The RV1S, at 13″ x 15″ 24″ collapsed is an indistinguishable size from the RV1C, which is reduced in size. Yet generally offers an about indistinguishable list of capabilities, with the primary differentiators being the swiveling front wheel of the RV1S and foot brake.

Golfing in the rain becomes a lot more fun with this high end product. The RV1S will do well for quenching thirsts with a container holder, umbrella safety holder, and two adornment tabs. Talking about embellishments, in the event that people on the course need them, Rovic has that as well. This ranges in holders, watch mount, pockets, and even a guiding handlebar.

Simply amazing….The Rovic RV1S can be purchased in four unique styles. Silver/Black, Charcoal/Black, Charcoal/Lime, and Arctic/White. Only a slightly more than the RV1C, many golfers will believe that is justified, despite all the trouble for the swiveling front wheel. For those who may be searching for a lightweight golf truck that gives simple mobility and steadiness, the Clicgear Rovic is a stunning item that will last as long as most push carts, if not longer.

In conclusion, the Rovic RV1S tri-wheeled manual golf cart by Clicgear is none similar to the next. Having a streamlined casing of tough build, it is anything but difficult to push on nearly all types of terrain. This is the perfect cart for getting around when the course is tough. Speaking about the visuals, the body has been made light weight for easy convenience and snappy stockpiling, shaving off valuable time that is better well spent when active on the field.

Other Notable Features

best Clicgear Rovic RV1S Swivel Golf Push Cart
best Rovic RV1S Swivel pust cart
Clicgear Rovic RV1S Swivel black
Clicgear Rovic RV1S Swivel Golf Push Cart
Clicgear Rovic RV1S Swivel
Rovic RV1S Swivel Golf Push Cart review
Rovic RV1S Swivel
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Any golfer in adoration with the comfort that seeks the something different will value a 3-wheeled golf push cart that is anything but difficult to control. This is the reason the Clicgear Rovic RV1S Swivel Golf Push Cart accompanies a swivel front wheel that is light in weight for elevated moving. Taking advantage of it’s principle bolt latch fasten helps to set it rapidly, along with it’s brisk push handle for easy collapsing. Additionally, owners can use the foot brake to slow everything down as well, whenever stops must be quick and fast.

Furthermore, to abstain from losing grasp of this exceptional golf push truck, the handle has a delicate shape that will likewise empower the rider to drive the cart around for long without it hurting their hands.

How Much can it Hold?

It is safe to say that some may need the additional space to pack all of their clubs, golf ball, and other additional hardware amid the next golf outing. Moreover, this golf cart includes an umbrella mount, a glass holder, and two small tabs. With all of these great features, the Rovic RV1S easily has become the best golf push cart around. It is in a league all on it’s own.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight frame that can be easily pushed over any ground
  • Swivel wheel in the front allows for easy pushing and turning
  • High quality construction
  • Big console and expanded storage
  • Foot pedal brake
  • One button allows the entire push cart to fold and unfold
  • Two additional pockets for small items
  • Up to four colors available to purchase
  • Dimensions (When folded): 13″ x 15 ” x 24 “
  • Storage for small miscellaneous items
  • Hand brakes provide good stopping power
  • Lightweight design made from high grade aluminum
  • Built in holder for umbrellas during raining weather
  • Quick switch allows the product to fold significantly easier than many push carts
    • No temporary storage for cups on this model
  • Brake handle is slightly difficult to move

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