best golf wedges for mid handicappers

The 5 Best Golf Wedges Ever (2021 Ready)

Top 5 Best Golf Wedges Ever

The primary purpose of this article is to provide information about the best Golf Wedges Ever. Recent time golfer performance changed enough because of better equipment. A common question that we always get is it new golf equipment is better than the previous year’s edition. Honestly speaking, it is yes because technology and research are providing better stuff every year. We indeed need time to understand all the features of new staff. 

Today we will talk about the best golf wedges ever with the unique and essential aspect of wedges. Mainly there are four types of wedges.

  • Pitching Wedge

  • Sand Wedge

  • Gap Wedge

  • Lob Wedge

Which one is you will use it is depend on your from the hole. In the golf game, the most crucial thing is golf clubs to eliminate bad shots.

Pitching Wedge:

This wedge is often used for a full swing short and running chip short. Pitching wedge is very lofted and shortest clubs that use for short distances like fifteen to sixteen yards. Generally, the loft of the pitching wedge remains within 45-48 degrees.

Sand Wedge:

It clear by the name of the wedge that means it mainly used to hit in the sand ground. This one is also the heaviest wedge. Previously it had the highest loft, which is 56 – 58 degrees.

Gab Wedge:

Gap wedge mainly developed to fill the distance between the sand wedge and pitching wedge. This wedge used to hit shot lower than the sand wedge and higher than the pitching wedge. The gap wedge is also known as the approach wedge. The loft of gap wedge remains between 50-54 degrees.

Lob Wedge:

The lob wedge is the most lofted and recently introduced club. This club is also known as the lofted wedge that mainly used for very high short. You can also use this club over the hazard condition. This wedge can make shorts up to 64 degrees.

Now the question is which wedge is best for you. I think we are a little knowledgeable about the different wedges. Now you have to know your actual need and find the right product for you. In this article, we will provide some best wedges that are available in the market.

Callaway Mack Daddy 4

Callaway Mack daddy 4 come up with new technology called groove- in –groove that made the wedge more standard. These unique features and attributes enhance total performance.

There are some best golf wedges for mid handicappers Callaway Mack Daddy is one of them. You have multiple shorts option through this wedge-like fairway, rough and sand. If you prefer to hit your wedge shorts in the square face, then Mack Daddy is the best option for you.

Some of the benefits are-

  • You will feel better from carbon steel.
  • It has a variety of style like- attack angles and course combinations.
  • Groove-In-Groove technology-enhanced the more spin and control.
  • Very attractive and durable with chrome or black matte finish.
Best Golf Wedges Ever
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best golf wedges for mid handicappers
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Cleveland CBX


The Cleveland CBX is very famous for its outstanding design. It considered  a modern wedge for its cavity back design. Cleveland CBX is the best wedges for high handicappers.

Feel balancing technology used to feel more comfortable. To maximize forgiveness, the engineer used around 70 grams of weight in the perimeter of the clubhead. Its dual V-sole shape is more useful to maximize forgiveness and play a verity of shots all over the green. 

Rotex face technology allows golfers to pass on the optimal spin in every short they perform. The weight of this wedge is one pound, and the dimension is 4x5x39 inches. 

This one is decidedly lighter and easy to control. The most amazing things in this wedge are grooves and incredible grip. 

According to many golfers, if you are a severe golfer, then this is the best choice for you at a reasonable price.

Taylor Made Milled Grind

You will get a wonderfully soft feel by using this best golf wedges ever. It has improved the version of groove and turf interaction. You will get the loft option from 48 to 60 degrees.

It has extended toe section and full-face scoring alignment to bring high spin performance. It uses a soft polymer that reduces weight and makes it more balanced and comfortable.

It comes up with the lofts range between 50-60 degrees. It is lovely for stain nickel-chrome finish. You will get three grinds from this wedge-like- Low bounce, High bounce, and standard bounce. Golfer gets exceptional feel because of its soft carbon steel. 

The total weight of this wedge is 1.1 pounds, with the dimension 4.9×4.9×45.5 inches.

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best wedges for high handicappers
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Cobra Men’s Fly Z Drive 

Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver is considered the best distance wedge. In terms of innovation, Cobra always comes in the front line. It is most famous for its look.

It has an outstanding design and a unique color combination. This entire factor made this diver more attractive. It is also renowned for its consistent performance and balancing between distance and forgiveness. The payoff line of Cobra is “we are the cool stuff that works,” this driver is accurately present their mission. 

This driver is not new; it is design followed by the success of Cobra King F6. Recently Fly –Z series is the most popular wedge. 

Fly Z  perfectly balanced between performance and well design. It ensures more forgiveness and better flight trajectory by repositioning weight from the crown to a low and back position. 

You will get the longest distance through Fly- Z. The weight of this driver is 1 pound.

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TaylorMade men’s AeroBurner Driver


The most useful thing is the speed pocket that decreases spin and increases sweet spot. The white matte finish made the club more appealing. It is also famous for impressive forgiveness and graphics. 

It has some features like TM Speed and Graphite shaft that play a vital role in improving performance and feeling comfortable to swing.

It comes up with the design that has a rounded toe, new hosel fin and raised center crown. You will get an explosive feel from this club. If you concern about aesthetics, this will be your first choice. This club is more comfortable and easy to control.

It is easy to swing because if the weight balance. You can use this club for a great distance. Some golfer indeed said it is too light and tough to control. The weight of this club is 10.4 ounces.

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